Do you miss the richness of dialogue at ITAC conferences and learning how colleagues work in different cultures? Now you can get a hit of ITAC every month, conveniently at your computer (using ZOOM video chat). Join our ongoing ITAC—each month a Host from a different part of the world will share insights about their work, and in discussion with you and others, dig deep about the ways this could help you develop your own practice . Yes, you can invite friends and colleagues to join with you to further share the global perspective.  Keep your teaching artistry expanding to embrace the world.

Upcoming Think Tanks


  • November 2020 - Making Art in Response to the Pandemic.
  • December 2020 - Visioning Lab, delivered in partnership with Lincoln Centre (NYC).

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Did you miss one of our previous sessions? No worries! Through our partnership with Creative Generation, we are building out a library of learning modules to highlight best practices shared in our ongoing ITAC as well as expand the dialogue beyond the sessions. Check back monthly to dive in!

November 2019

Teaching Artists & Artists Teaching

Victoria Ryle leads a panel discussion on the role of teaching artists in Tasmania, Australia featuring several of her colleagues. Guests from around the world also weigh in to provide their perspective on the nuances of existing as an artist and a teacher - working in and outside of traditional classrooms.

Learn more by checking out the full learning module for November 2019.

May 2019

Evidence to Prove the Practice

Brad Haseman provides a brief overview of his work in Papua New Guinea (PNG) with his organization, Life Drama. In collaboration with local teaching artists and researchers from Australia, Life Drama uses teaching artistry and theatre to educate young people about sexual health.

Learn more by checking out the full learning module for May 2019.

April 2019

Social Engagement Through Crafting

Jessica Howarth and several of her crafting colleagues from Scotland, United Kingdom come together for a round table discussion. Each teaching artist speaks to the impact that crafting can have on participants and communities, especially those who are typically underserved.

Learn more by checking out the full learning module for April 2019.

March 2019

Handling Therapeutic Experiences in Theatrical Settings

Zdenka Svitekova and guests share their intergenerational work with the group Ostruzina in the Czech Republik. Their work is centered around participatory experiences that bring audiences onto the stage to engage in what they call “open space” and “free play”.

Learn more by checking out the full learning module for March 2019.

January 2019

The Arts: Promoting Female Education in Ghana

Peter Atsu Adaletey and guests provide a brief overview of his their work in Ghana and the important role that the arts can play in not only building girls’ self esteem and sense of self worth but also in changing the way that society sees them by witnessing their transformation.

Learn more by checking out the full learning module for January 2019.

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