August 2019


Together and Different: Building a culture of peace in schools through Playback Theatre

Session Synopsis

How can theatre empower students to critically examine the roles they play amongst their peers? How can dance and music empower students to understand the power they have to change what they see around them?

In August of 2019, Rasia Friedler (Uruguay) led a highly interactive session with members of the ITAC community about the value of playback theatre in schools to help students tackle questions of identity, compassion, and violence typically portrayed through bullying. While the discussion sections are not featured in this archive, Rasia deftly captures the values of the playback theatre movement and graciously explores her work with SaludArte.

The session showcased a forward-thinking approach to making a case for arts education and the arts by embracing a well-respected and impactful system.

Additional Resources

Learn more about Tricia, her work, and the ways in which arts and culture are becoming agents and tools for change in community and international development below:

Rasia's Website and Related Works:

Other Supporting Materials: Throughout the session, Rasia and ITAC colleagues mentioned several thought leaders and forms of participatory theatre.

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