Teaching Artistry for Social Impact:
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ITAC's first original online course has launched!

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After more than a year of development and planning, Teaching Artistry for Social Impact, ITAC's first original online course, launches today! This course is a pioneering new resource for teaching artists/participatory artists/community artists everywhere who have an interest in social impact and are looking to enhance their approach to project design and delivery. We have drawn deeply from the wisdom within our network, international resources, and practice-based learning, to bring this resource to the field.

This course will lead you through rigorous, teaching artist-centred methods and will support you as you develop that passion project you’ve been putting off. Join us to develop a strategic approach to project design and delivery (including logic models, stakeholder mapping, empathy mapping, embedded assessment and more).

You take the course at your own pace, connect with other TAs doing social impact work around the world, and receive personal feedback on your culminating project model from a course coach.

We are completing our first test group, and here are some comments from the very first person to ever take the course...

"I would highly recommend this course to all my teaching artist colleagues, as well as artists looking to begin a practice in participatory arts. The content is clear, the presenters are engaging and the work is scaffolded well with intrinsic motivation built right in."

"I already have a strong practice, but that continual professional development and being attached to a community of learning is vital to my continued growth. I think these things will stay with me because in ITAC I have a community which can hold me accountable if I just show up."

You can sign up and take it too! It is for teaching artists at all levels, especially for those who want to develop their skills in social impact project design and delivery. Throughout the course you fully develop your own passion project and the skills it takes to deliver it well.

"The specificity of having my own project as the central focus of each skill building activity meant that I was personally motivated and could have a real world example for big thoughts and ideas."

We estimate the course takes about 15-20 hours to complete, and you can do it at your own pace—then, when you get to the end, ITAC provides you with a personal coach to polish your project.

And it's free! Yes, we know people are often more committed to a course they have paid for, but we didn't want cost to inhibit any teaching artist anywhere from advancing their practice to contribute to communities they care about.

In addition to the course itself, we have developed 4 comprehensive case studies which act as reference points throughout and complement the activities assigned. These explore how arts can mobilise communities towards deep social shifts, using our ITAC IMPACT: Climate 2021 projects as the examples. These can be viewed alongside, or separately from, the course and shared widely with people outside of our sector to prove the value of our practice.

Please join us in spreading the word about this significant new resource for our sector, support us by signing up and sharing your thoughts, and share the case studies to help make a splash beyond our own field.

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