SOS: The School of the (Im)Possible. 

What if S.O.S, a secret organisation from the future, found a way to communicate with our time? What if they invited children to embark on a secret mission: to help save our planet?
The ‘School of the (Im)Possible’ is a participatory experience for 8-10 year olds that makes the kids our teachers, giving voice to the meaningful perspectives and expectations of the young generation for the future.
A time travelling bookshelf appears in classrooms around the world filled with mysterious still-to-be-written books from the future. Over a few months, the interactive books engage the students in different embodied and sensorial challenges; from the school surroundings to a nature trail to visit the “portal to the future” (a green space in their local community). The participants are challenged to protect the “portal” whilst they learn about climate change. Their final challenge is to lead the ‘School of the (Im)Possible’: a day in which the kids are the teachers, and the adults take the role of ‘students’, learning about the children’s experiences, and what their vision is for a sustainable future.

In December 2021, a successful pilot of the School of the (Im)Possible was completed in Greater Florianópolis, Brazil, in co-creation with Santa Terezinha School, the Environmental School, and the Secretariat of Education of São José. Project outcomes included:

Changes in Knowledge:
  • Kids increased their knowledge about causes and effects of climate change
  • Kids gained or renewed awareness about climate change
  • Kids identified causes and effect of climate change in their local area
Changes in Discourse:
  • Kids (teachers) and adults (learners) shifted usual positions in the final School of the (Im)Possible Event
  • Parents, teachers, and kids interacted in a fun and engaging way to tackle the climate change issues. They could see and understand the consequences of the choices they can make.
Changes in Attitudes:
  • Kids view themselves as agents of change.
  • Negative perceptions about the environment and nature shifted to a more optimistic view.

The project will continue to flourish in 2022. In partnership with the Secretariat of Education of São José, the School of the (Im)Possible will be rolled out to schools throughout the region. ITAC is also working the team at Platô Cultural and The Necessary Space (Scotland) to adapt the project to a Scottish context and create a platform through which young changemakers in Brazil and Scotland can interact with one another.

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