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Our 2020 Innovators:

What are ITAC Innovators?
In 2020 the ITAC Collaborative invited proposals for field building projects from leaders throughout our international community. The response was overwhelming, and we are delighted to introduce the six selected Innovators. Each project represents a significant step forward in adding tools, resources and frameworks that can be used internationally.

Who are they & what will they be doing?
We asked our Innovators to briefly sum up their projects, here's what they said:

Jeff M. Poulin (USA) on behalf of Creative Generation (international): "The Knowledge Sharing and Digital Learning Project will address the gap in research and resources produced by and for the field of teaching artistry.  The project will engage volunteers in the teaching artist field from a cross-section of countries to collect, validate, and disseminate tools, resources, and creative/scholarly research in a number of capacities. These include retrofitting the existing knowledge shared through the 2019 Think Tanks, building each into a digital learning module; cataloguing, publishing and disseminating research and resources shared through the 2018 and 2020 ITAC conferences; and devising a sustainable and scalable framework for a clearinghouse of new tools and resources created by and for the field of teaching artistry to be located within ITAC’s digital platform."

Ana Vidal (Chile) and MalvaLoca (France): "Develop Artistic Workshops with Children Living Inside Women's Prisons. Through dance, photography and theatre we propose to explore the subject of violence. We will review the construction of violence in its different forms: how they see violence, which parts of violence are not seen, what is normalized violence, what do they think is violent, etc.
We believe that this project can not only be very useful to expand the network of professionals involved in artistic education, but also to expand the social spaces in which each one works. The idea is to generate a contribution to the collection of tools that are applicable to other processes of teaching artist."

WolfBrown (USA) and Global Leaders Program (international):
"A Study into Growth Mindset. WolfBrown, an arts and culture research firm, and the Global Leaders Program, will pilot a project that shares concepts and practices of growth mindset with a group of musicians currently working as teaching artists in international programs. When students believe they can learn and get smarter, and they understand that effort is what strengthens this ability - this is a growth mindset (vs. a fixed mindset, or belief that effort doesn't really matter, because nothing can change one's intelligence or talent). When students associate change with effort, they are more willing to put in time and commitment, which leads to higher achievement, and is at the root of having agency in all aspects of their lives. The project will be an opportunity to explore how this powerful concept can inform music learning in many different contexts. Participants will work together through an online learning platform to undertake mini-growth mindset-experiments to expand their students' approaches to practicing, learning and playing. We will pay close attention to how the ideas may or may not be relevant across cultural contexts."

Paul Gambill on behalf of the Community Engagement Lab (USA): "The Teaching Artists for Social Change Resource Center will create an online resource for teaching artists who seek to lead complex social change initiatives. Working with international partners who are also engaged in this work, we will codify a set of tools, guidelines, case studies and resources that teaching artist can use to expand their skills and boldness, broaden their range, and empower them as local leaders of complex social change projects."

Margot Wood (South Africa):
"The project will focus on Setting up a Network of Teaching Artists (initially in South Africa and surrounding areas) and launching a monthly newsletter with relevant, useful, inspiring, up-to-the-minute content for network members. The initiative will explore engaging ways to communicate with TAs through meet-ups and workshops. Our goal is for our methods to act as a shareable and replicable model for other communities beginning to establish a TA sector of their own."

Rachael Jacobs, Krystalla Pearce, Vanessa O'Neill and Christine Hatton (Australia & Pacific region):
"Connecting and Creating: Building a Teaching-Artist Community in the Australia-Pacific region. Our project aims to raise awareness amongst the arts community around Teaching-Artistry and encourage artists in educational spaces to identify as Teaching-Artists. The project also encourages artists in the Australia-Pacific region to join ITAC and become connected through a regional ITAC network. Through a social media campaign, an online networking hub and a select group of online and face-to-face opportunities, we’d like to offer support and solidarity to Teaching Artists in the region, decrease isolation and raise awareness of their unique role in society."

Please get involved

There will be an opportunity coming soon to work alongside our Innovators as a volunteer contributor. If you would like to know more and offer your help, keep an eye on your inbox for information about how you can do so.


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