Non-verbal Teaching Artistry

Led by Becky Baumwoll (USA)
Becky’s Think Tank, and subsequent working group, will focus on the use of non-verbal Teaching Artistry.
Her Think Tank theme will be: Physical Story, Modern Mime, and Teaching Beyond Words, and will be an entirely nonverbal session. As a group, participants will be invited to view slides and share written reflections, but the bulk of the session will be a playful exploration in gesture, facial expression, and nonverbal games.

The key topics covered will include:
1. What are the superpowers of physical storytelling?
2. What tools and strategies do we have for teaching beyond spoken language?
3. What can we learn from our students when we remove words, and what can we gain from the group culture that emerges?

In the follow-up working group, Becky will invite participants to join her in collectively developing and creating a suite of resources for nonverbal Teaching Artistry, and exploring how word-free engagement can be applied much more widely, in various art forms. This suite of resources will act as a practical guide, as well as include theory, history, and narrative surrounding the many implications and impacts of nonverbal storytelling.

The goal is for this resource to address the need for:
- engaging nonverbal students, teaching inclusively to different language backgrounds,
- creating ensemble culture in all art forms,
- even within verbal programs, and integrating accessible embodied learning.

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We are delighted to be supporting this work and look forward to sharing more details with you soon.

Once the project begins, you can follow along on our social media channels for updates.

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