ITAC'S first-ever cohort of national centres for Teaching Artists

Act Locally, Share Globally

Act locally, share globally. ITAC is delighted to take our next step in building the largest global network of artists working across community and educational settings.

To this end, we have launched four ITAC Hubs, the first set of national centers which aim to deepen the field of Teaching Artistry, meaningfully serve practitioners at the grassroots level, and maximize the visibility and impact of this rising global workforce in their countries and beyond.

This is just the beginning of what we hope will be a growing effort to establish nationally-supported spaces for Teaching Artists across continents to connect and develop together year-round.

We are so pleased to introduce our inaugural cohort of ITAC Hubs, which will be anchored in New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, and the United States.

Meet the Hubs!

Each of our Hubs will have their own programming and personality, to suit the needs of the contexts they're in. We know the needs of Teaching Artists in Korea, New Zealand, Norway and the USA will be different, but we also recognise the strength that can be found in unity.
During this pilot year our Hubs will start to clarify these identities, and we look forward to sharing more news about their programming, goals and ways to connect soon.

Teaching Artists are the global workforce with the power to engage communities and creatively catalyze social change. As Teaching Artists face growing demands and a range of societal challenges, ITAC is committed to meeting Teaching Artists within their own unique contexts and supporting their increased impact. ITAC Hubs provide a platform for organizations to deepen their own national/regional sector, offering access to a global network that facilitates cultural exchange, online learning and information sharing, and lobbying and advocacy.

As the program evolves in its pilot year, the ITAC Hubs aim to:
- Advance the sector locally, nationally, and globally
, strengthening resources and professional development opportunities for Teaching Artists working across a range of school and community contexts;
- Amplify the impact and visibility of participatory arts and the role of Teaching Artists in shaping societies and addressing some of their most intractable challenges;
- Support Teaching Artists as they adapt and recover from the COVID-19 pandemic and other systemic events and injustices.

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Stay tuned for more Hub announcements coming soon!

We are delighted to be supporting this work and look forward to sharing more details with you soon.

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