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The Norway ITAC Hub is led by Seanse Art Center, an organization committed to helping children and youth experience and express themselves through art. Seanse offers artist residencies, seminars, workshops, and conferences. In 2012, Seanse hosted, with international partners, the first International Teaching Artist Conference in Oslo.  SEANSE recently worked alongside ITAC to organise ITAC6, which took place online 29 - 31st August 2022, and in-person in Oslo Sept 1st - 3rd 2022, bringing together Teaching Artists from all over the world.

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Norway ITAC Hub - Hosts of ITAC6

SEANSE Art Centre, the Norway ITAC Hub, were our generous hosts for our most recent ITAC6 conference.
Together with ITAC, SEANSE created an amazing set of events to celebrate Teaching Artistry from all over the world.
Visit the official ITAC6 Website

The in-person ITAC6 conference events took place in Oslo from 1 - 3 September 2022, and offered more than 60 sessions, led by 80 teaching artists/participatory artists/community artists from over 35 countries. In addition to this, there were artistic performances, keynote speakers, communal art projects, panel discussions and mainstage presentations. It was a jam-packed 3 days of Teaching Artists content!

In-person ticket holders received access to the full digital conference and to top it all off, the in-person program included special excursions to local arts venues and institutions.

The ITAC6 digital program primarily took place in the days leading up to the Oslo gathering, from August 29 - 31 2022.
However, ITAC6's mainstage program (September 1-3) was also be live streamed for our digital audience, with social spaces opening online afterwards for collective discussion and reflection.

Don't worry if you missed it, you can re watch here: ITAC6 Livestream Archive on SEANSE

You can read more about the event by visiting SEANSE's dedicated ITAC6 webpage here:

"Art is important for a number of reasons: to imagine, create and express, to understand oneself and others, to develop self-confidence and connect with others, to prepare for the future, and much more! I believe the cooperation in the Hubs will help enhance the field of art, both in society and not the least arts in education. Big changes may come from small changes; people meet, exchange, create, try out and learn, and the work develops. From the initiative and cooperation between Hubs, global sharing will be possible. Soon there will be more Hubs, and as we develop, the visibility of our work will grow and prosper!"

- Marit Ulvund (Seanse)

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