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Did you know ITAC is a charity?

Thanks to the support of grants, individual donations and generosity from different entities in the arts and culture community, we have been able to keep our operations running and our activities free, continuing to contribute to our valuable global network of artists.
Our main purpose and mission is to guarantee a collaborative space in which teaching artists around the world can connect, develop and make their powerful social impact visible.

If you have attended and enjoyed ITAC initiatives, you believe in art as a catalyst for change, or are a supporter of an international platform for Teaching Artists, we invite you to please consider donating whatever you can to help our efforts.

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iTAC's History

After hosting biennial conferences every year since 2012, ITAC became a year-round organisation in 2018, as a result of the appetite created by these gatherings. We are the first international network created by and for teaching artists. As of summer 2022, our membership has grown 900% since 2018.

You can meet the team who lead ITAC by visiting the Our People page.

The first of our groundbreaking ITAC Conferences, ITAC1, took place in Norway in 2012, instigated by Eric Booth and Marit Ulvund through her Seanse Art Center. Following its success and the needs expressed by the teaching artist delegates, the organisers made a commitment to hold a biennial international conference focussing on the work of teaching artists - and they have been happening ever since.  The second ITAC, ITAC2, was held in Brisbane in 2014, ITAC3 in Edinburgh in 2016,  ITAC4 in New York in 2018 and ITAC5 happened remotely via Seoul Korea in 2020. ITAC6 will take place in Oslo in September 2022. 

These biennial events aim to be a dynamic platform for:

- Sharing practice, learning and research in the field of participatory arts -
- Showcasing best and next practices for the host and visiting nations -
- Generating new connections and building a vibrant energy towards an international community -

In 2021, in response to the growth of our network, and ever-increasing demand for events, ITAC launched our inaugural set of ITAC Hubs, which aim to act locally and share globally. These are national Hubs in Korea, New Zealand, Norway and the USA with a commitment to Teaching Artistry, who share ITACs vision and work alongside us to support and enhance our sector in their countries.

To find out more about the ITAC Hubs, who leads them and how to connect, visit their Hub pages.

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The ITAC vision is…

A world where every country has artists working in the heart of communities and learning. Where these artists are continually improving, internationally connected and well supported, and the potential of the practice and its transformative power is visible and valued.

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