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We are delighted to have ITAC's Managing Director, Madeleine McGirk, collaborating with Creative Generation to bring you the Why Change? podcast.
Together, we bring listeners around the globe to learn how arts, culture, and creativity — as applied by Teaching Artists— can change the world, one community at a time. Produced by Creative Generation, the hosts share timely news and dive deep into the work of creatives who catalyze social change and those who are committed to cultivating their creativity. Listeners are invited each week to learn and laugh while envisioning new futures through the question, “why change?”
Episodes come out weekly, you can listen back and learn more about the show via it's dedicated website.

Art As An Amazing Crazy Tool For Change With Fidaa Ataya
In this episode of Why Change?, co-hosts Madeline and Jeff reflect on a dynamic conversation with storyteller Fidaa Ataya who shares her art as an “amazing, crazy tool for change.” Based in Palestine, Fidaa shares about the purpose and power of telling stories based on generational and cultural knowledge and how that can be applied to contemporary times as forms of peaceful protest. Together, Madeline and Jeff discuss the social responsibility artists have to use their art to draw attention to the causes they believe in.
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We Rather than I with Jeffrey Tan
In this episode of Why Change? co-hosts Madeleine and Jeff discuss their work connecting people around the globe. Madeleine interviews Jeffrey Tan, a teaching artist and network building in Asia who works with the disabilities community. Madeleine and Jeff debrief the conversation thinking broadly about the impact of funding systems change.
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Understanding People, Not Just Achieving Outcomes with Sudebi Thakurata
During this episode of Why Change? co-hosts Madeleine and Jeff discuss transitions in their seasons and their work. Madeleine interviews Sudebi Thakurata, a creative facilitator and transdisciplinary designer, working in India, South-Asia and South-East Asia, Europe and the US. Madeleine and Jeff discuss how we can leverage our different areas of knowledge to use the arts as a way of understanding people, not just achieving outcomes.
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Anchoring in Love with Sangeeta Isvaran
During this episode of Why Change? co-hosts Madeleine and Jeff discuss grounding their work in self-care and prioritizing humanity. Madeleine speaks with artist, educator, and activist Sangeeta Isvaran about her work throughout India and Asia, particularly her actions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Together, they discuss the importance of anchoring our work in love.
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Local Knowledge with Rosa Zerrudo
During this episode of Why Change? co-hosts Madeleine and Jeff discuss their work during summer and how focusing locally has benefited their global communities. Madeleine interviews Rosa Zerrudo, a Filipino artist, educator, and social activist who uses localized creative processes with diverse populations focusing on topics like climate change, justice, and more. Madeleine and Jeff conclude with a discussion about the role of play, imagination, and collective thinking.
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Socially Engaged Practice with Fié Neo
During this episode of Why Change? Co-hosts Jeff and Madeleine discuss the changes to their work throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and the interdisciplinary leadership of teaching artists and cultural practitioners over the last year. Madeleine chats with Fié Neo, an interdisciplinary artist based in Singapore, who has worked as a fashion designer, participatory artist, and has applied her knowledge learned through sustainable agriculture and business to advance the field of socially engaged art.
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Meet Our Co-Hosts: Madeleine McGirk
During this fourth episode of Why Change? you will meet one of our co-hosts, Madeleine McGirk. Madeleine is an actor and teaching artist and leads a global network supporting participatory artists. She has an interest in politics, social change through the arts, and inspiring, powerful women leaders.
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Meet Our Co-Hosts: Ashraf Hasham
During this third episode of Why Change? you will meet one of our co-hosts, Ashraf Hasham. Ashraf is from Seattle and brings a youth-focused and creative viewpoint to the conversation. He discusses the connections between his family coming from Pakistan to the United States, leadership coming from his artistic skills, and landing jobs with youth-led organizations and the Seattle Office of Arts and Culture.
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Meet Our Co-Hosts: Karla Estela Rivera
During this first episode of Why Change?, you’ll meet one of our co-hosts, Karla Estela Rivera. Karla is a writer, performer, activist, and arts advocate who uses storytelling to uplift folks in underserved communities in Chicago.
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We are delighted to be contributing to this work and look forward to sharing more episodes with you each week.
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