The Young and Emerging Leaders Forum (YELF)

What is YELF?

This 9-month program builds a peer-to-peer network of young and emerging professionals within the fields of culture, education, and social change. Jointly hosted by ITAC and Creative Generation, the Young & Emerging Leaders Forum - or YELF - builds from a 2020-21 pilot program. In it’s design, the program will recognize young practitioners from across the fields and be responsive to the needs of the cohort fostering a collaborative learning environment based in critical reflection intended to interrogate, mutually share and learn, and radically reimagaine future possibilities of one’s work.

Why have YELF?

ITAC is committed to finding ways to lower barriers for young and emerging practitioners who wish to enter our sector. We recognise that international conferences, projects and partnerships can often feel intimidating or alienating for newcomers. Our goal, is to provide as many entry points as possible to our network and beyond, and support the growth of anyone who wishes to participate. For this reason, we are co-creating YELF, to build a community for practitioners who are newly entering Teaching Artistry, where they can connect, engage and grow together in a welcoming and safe space.[link here]

Project Timeline

Below is the timeline for this initiative:

- March 23: Expression of Interest Open

April 29: Expressions of Interest Due

May 15: Program Commences with an virtual opening event

May 2022 to April 2023: Program Occurs with monthly gatherings (dates/times TBD by the cohort)

September 3-6: Gathering at the International Teaching Artists Conference in Oslo, Norway (optional)

January 2023: Program Concludes with a culminating virtual event

Meet the YELF Cohort 2022

Stay Tuned for More News Coming Soon!

YELF will be an ongoing project throughout 2022, and we look forward to sharing regular news and updates as the cohort gets started.




The impact of the Climate Collective’s work will be widely shared with arts, education, and climate networks, and through opportunities for presenting at high profile international conferences. The case studies will also form the basis of an accessible online teaching artist curriculum, informing and guiding practitioners in undertaking climate-conscious work in their own communities, around the world.

ITAC has partnered with – the largest online platform for arts learning – to develop an online curriculum based on the discoveries from the Climate Collective’s community-engagement projects. Kadenze will employ a specially devised framework for technology-enabled creative learning to develop an accessible and engaging course that draws on the expertise and impact of the five international case studies.


ITAC IMPACT: Climate is the pilot project for establishing a framework through which teaching artists can positively impact complex social issues. By demonstrating the power of a dedicated subgroup of teaching artists to raise awareness, educate others, and ultimately change minds and behaviour in relation to climate change, ITAC lays the groundwork for future collaborations between the arts and other sectors to create social change.

If you have any questions about the project, please get in touch with:

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