United States ITAC Hub

The United States Hub is co-hosted by the Teaching Artists Guild (TAG), a national organization by and for Teaching Artists, the Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, an arts organization and civic center in New York City, and a home to Teaching Artists for over 40 years, and the Maui Arts & Cultural Center (MACC), the largest and oldest performing arts center located in Maui, Hawaii. TAG brings a vast network of Teaching Artists, resources, and tools.

Lincoln Center brings unparalleled artists and a history of excellence in arts education. MACC offers a multitude of offerings related to K-12 programming and professional development, especially as it relates to indigenous philosophies and practices. Together, TAG, Lincoln Center and MACC will work to ensure artists and Teaching Artists are at the forefront of their work. TAG, Lincoln Center and MACC know we are living in challenging times and collectively believe that artists have the necessary tools to help us reimagine our world.

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Upcoming Events:

TAG: Literary Salons for Teaching Artists

Unveiling the Art of Publication

Building on our listening tour series, TAG is proud to present Literary Salons for Teaching Artists: Unveiling the Art of Publication. Join us for a captivating hour of conversation and exploration into the world of teaching artist publications!

This online virtual literary salon, hosted by TAG (Teaching Artists Guild), invites you to explore the process of publication and discover the impactful work of teaching artists across the country. Don't miss this unique opportunity to connect, learn, and celebrate the literary achievements of teaching artists!

Stay tuned for updates and mark your calendars for a literary journey like no other.

Previous Events:

Lincoln Center Presents - Education Open House

Featuring the ITAC Global Working Group on Accessibility

Join us in person or on Zoom for an Expert Forum on Improving Accessibility in Arts Ed. We will discuss what accessibility means in artistic and teaching practice; cultural climates related to disability; and how to be an advocate. This international conversation centers individuals with disabilities and is intended for teachers, teaching artists, arts administrators, and other arts leaders.

ASL interpretation will be available onsite. Captioning will be provided. Please contact access@lincolncenter.org if you have any other access needs.

If you have general questions about the event, please email jtaylor@lincolncenter.org
Location: Kenneth C. Griffin Sidewalk Studio AND on Zoom
Date: October 29, 11:00 - 11:45 AM EST

THE USA HUB and ITAC6 In Person

Heleya de Barros, Co-Executive Director at TAG and a prominent figure in our USA Hub, developed this article as a reflection on ITAC6 and the experience of attending in-person.

Titled 'Shoulder to Shoulder' the piece explores the relationship between Teaching Artists, the communities we serve, and our own selves.

We hope you will join us in reading and sharing.

Read TAG's ITAC6 Article

ITAC6 Mainstage Presentation

Re watch ITAC6 Livestream footage

On the afternoon of day 2 at ITAC6, our mainstage was blessed by an impactful workshop led by Lincoln Centre, as the co-leaders of our USA ITAC Hub.
The workshop focused on their recent Big Umbrella Festival, and the key takeaways they learned from this event.

Title: Expanding Arts experiences with and for Neurodiverse Audiences

Hosted by: Lincoln Center Education with Jean E Taylor, Heather Bryce, Jackson Tucker-Meyer, and Rebecca Podsednik.

THE USA HUB and ITAC6 Online

The USA ITAC Hub was a key partner in delivering the digital workshops for ITAC6
Read about the workshops below


Kevin Carillo, Lincoln Center Education
Robert Torigoe, Lincoln Center Education

Dr. Chris Emdin
Julie and Matt Guidry
Erin Orr
Leigh Wells/Alex Velozo
Beata Moon

Radical Welcoming considers how we bring others into spaces we share and how we enter the space of others. Radical Welcoming connects fundamentally to Equity and Inclusion and is of essential concern at a moment of re-emergence, such as we’re in now. It is also a welcoming back. Creating spaces that foster a sense of belonging - in classrooms, studios, concert halls, and Zoom rooms.

"For our US Hub, we want to increase Teaching Artists’ capacities to creatively engage communities, launch innovative experiments that address longstanding challenges, envision new community action plans, and inspire the social imagination and civic agency needed to make real change toward a more just and equitable society. We are honored to be part of the first cohort of ITAC Hubs and together build a global community driving for change."

- Jean E. Taylor (Lincoln Center) and Miko Lee (Teaching Artists Guild)

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