South Korea ITAC Hub

Host of ITAC5 in 2020, the Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES) leads South Korea's ITAC Hub. A public agency in the Republic of Korea, KACES was established under the enactment of the ‘Support for Arts and Culture Education Act’ in 2005. KACES caries out a range of public projects that provide access to quality arts and culture education to all members of society, facilitated by TAs and practitioners from various fields. The South Korea ITAC Hub will focus on developing Teaching Artists' practices and advocacy efforts, and supporting a larger sector that grows and responds.

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South Korea ITAC Hub
ITAC6 Mainstage Presentation

The South Korea Hub took the ITAC6 mainstage by storm, kicking off our third and final day with a bang. So Yeon Kim and JeeHye Suh introduced a group of 5 Korean Teaching Artist dancers, who led our entire plenary in a high energy exploration of 'How does dance play as a catalyst for connecting people?'
By the end of their piece, the hall was on it's feet, dancing, and following the non-verbal instructions we were given.
If you missed it (and even if you didn't), we strongly encourage you to watch the livestream footage of the performance. We dare you not to dance!

Title: The Embodied Catalyst; Dancing with/of/about/on/within/for you

체화된촉매제: 당신과/을/대해/안의/위해춤추기

South Korea ITAC Hub
ITAC6 Online

The South Korea ITAC Hub was a key partner in delivering the digital workshops for ITAC6
Read about the workshops below


Lee Meewha /
Hanseon LeeYoun Gayeon /
Tae-yoon Kim
Jeong Sun Lee
Kim Tae Yoon

한국 아이택 허브에서 운영하는 ITAC6 온라인 세션은, 한국 문화예술교육의 현장에서 참여적, 공동체적 프로그램을 실천 및 실행하는 전문 예술교육실천가들과 함께 참여형 워크숍 및 대화가 이루어질 예정입니다. <오늘, 2042년 8월 29일>_이미화/이한선_이모저모 도모소 <지금 여기 움직임>_윤가연/김태윤_프로젝트 곳곳 <어린이와 지역의 작은학교들에 적용할 수 있는 예술교육에 관한 토론>_이정선

The programme by South Korea ITAC Hub will feature participatory talks and workshops by leading Korean teaching artists whose practices are centred on participatory/ communal processes within the culture and arts education sector. Following each workshop, there will be a Q&A time to articulate their reflections on working on these projects including their challenges, motivations and insights.* the session is conducted in Korean with English translation

"KACES believes now is the right time to organize the Korea ITAC Hub. In times of uncertainty, we need a creative approach at the local and global levels more than ever for TAs to bind communities. We want the Hub to be an opportunity to create a better ecosystem for Teaching Artists and the field. It will be an incubator for TAs to realize their potentials, to access best practice models, and to offer international opportunities. But what’s really important to us is creating an environment where people really feel like they can make a difference through the arts."

- Soyeon Kim, Dain Jung, and Jane Park (KACES)

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