South Korea ITAC Hub

Host of ITAC5 in 2020, the Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES) leads South Korea's ITAC Hub. A public agency in the Republic of Korea, KACES was established under the enactment of the ‘Support for Arts and Culture Education Act’ in 2005. KACES caries out a range of public projects that provide access to quality arts and culture education to all members of society, facilitated by TAs and practitioners from various fields. The South Korea ITAC Hub will focus on developing Teaching Artists' practices and advocacy efforts, and supporting a larger sector that grows and responds.

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"KACES believes now is the right time to organize the Korea ITAC Hub. In times of uncertainty, we need a creative approach at the local and global levels more than ever for TAs to bind communities. We want the Hub to be an opportunity to create a better ecosystem for Teaching Artists and the field. It will be an incubator for TAs to realize their potentials, to access best practice models, and to offer international opportunities. But what’s really important to us is creating an environment where people really feel like they can make a difference through the arts."

- Soyeon Kim, Dain Jung, and Jane Park (KACES)

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