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The ITAC Hub in New Zealand is hosted by the Centre for Arts and Social Transformation at the University of Auckland. The Centre works in partnership with artists, educators, academics, policy makers, and communities carrying out practice-based research on the possibilities of the arts for social transformation. The Centre seeks more just and equitable worlds, understanding that central to critical citizenship and participatory democracy, the arts accept and disrupt the chaos of post normal times, awakening our senses to the joy and wonder of becoming more fully human.

New Zealand ITAC Hub - ITAC6 In Person

On our first day together in Oslo at ITAC6, New Zealand Hub Leader, Professor Peter O’Connor from the Centre for Arts and Social Transformation at The University of Auckland, took to the mainstage to lead a joy filled workshop for our plenary.

The session took the form of a creative workshop addressing the role of teaching artists in times of crisis. Using dance, music and the visual arts, the whole congregation worked together to help 'Marley' get her dreams and wishes back. In these days of never ending crises, this might be the vital gift teaching artists give the world.

If you missed it, we highly recommend watching this workshop, your imagination will thank you! Just click the image to the right to view.

Title: Teaspoon of Light

New Zealand ITAC Hub - ITAC6 Online

The New Zealand ITAC Hub was a key partner in delivering the digital workshops for ITAC6
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Professor Peter O’Connor
Associate Professor Alys Longley and pavleheider
Dr Marta Estellés
Dr Christine Hatton
Dr Moema Gregorzewski

"We are honoured to be part of the first cohort of ITAC Hubs. We delight in the possibilities of international collaboration that ITAC brings to help imagine new futures through the arts both here in Aoteaora New Zealand and around the world."

- Professor Peter O’Connor (Centre for Arts and Social Transformation)

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