A Study into Growth Mindset.

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About the Project
"WolfBrown, an arts and culture research firm, and the Global Leaders Program, will pilot a project that shares concepts and practices of growth mindset with a group of musicians currently working as teaching artists in international programs. When students believe they can learn and get smarter, and they understand that effort is what strengthens this ability - this is a growth mindset (vs. a fixed mindset, or belief that effort doesn't really matter, because nothing can change one's intelligence or talent). When students associate change with effort, they are more willing to put in time and commitment, which leads to higher achievement, and is at the root of having agency in all aspects of their lives. The project will be an opportunity to explore how this powerful concept can inform music learning in many different contexts. Participants will work together through an online learning platform to undertake mini-growth mindset-experiments to expand their students' approaches to practicing, learning and playing. We will pay close attention to how the ideas may or may not be relevant across cultural contexts.""

We are delighted to be supporting this work and look forward to sharing more details with you soon.

Once the project begins, you can follow along on our social media channels for updates.

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