February 2023

Aidan McKinlay (Scotland), Star Mulvenna (Scotland), Anais Adjani (Singapore), Dia H. (Singapore), Remo Santangeli (Scotland), Mia Haden (Scotland), and Lucia Demitri von Pezold (Scotland)

Call 2 Action Edition 4: A Youth-Led Think Tank

Session Synopsis

Last year, ITAC Innovators Khairina Khalid (Singapore) and Clara Bloomfield (Scotland) hosted a Think Tank about their Call 2 Action initiative. Today, the young people involved guided participants through ITAC's first primarily youth-led Think Tank, which explored ‘the power-laden relationships’ between young people and adults. Here, the young people shared their experiences as mentors to adults within creative processes.

Call 2 Action, designed and established by Clara Bloomfield and Khairina Khalid, is an online platform that fosters positive relationships, celebrates global citizenship, and fosters creative learning space that promote collaborative art making as a catalyst for change. With support from the 2022-2023 ITAC Innovators program, the latest edition of Call 2 Action ‘Raising the Visibility of Teaching Artistry’ is led entirely by a group of impressive young people from Scotland and Singapore.

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