May 2019 Think Tank:

Brad Haseman

"Evidence to Prove the Practice"

Session Synopsis

How can artists and teaching artists better represent the impact they have in the communities they serve?

In May of 2019, Brad Haseman provided a brief overview of his work in Papua New Guinea (PNG) with Life Drama. Since 2007, a group of researchers and teaching artists from Australia have been collaborating with PNG colleagues to set up a sustainable infrastructure for designing, implementing, and evaluating a teaching artist program addressing sexual health issues, particularly safe sexual behaviors, for young people in PNG.

While explaining his work, Brad questions the value of traditional impact analysis and explains why quantitative and qualitative data do not really serve the work of artists and teaching artists. Instead, he posits that performative data must be folded into the mix to better interact with funders.

Additional Resources

Learn more about Brad, his work, and the various organizations and thinkers which inspired his work by visiting the resources below:

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