October 2021


Teaching Artists as Leaders: Creating Cross-Disciplinary STEAM Partnerships

Session Synopsis

As this session was participatory and collaborative in nature, participants reflected on their own partnership experiences to create "action steps" and respond to their peers, with the overall goal to empower more Teaching Artists (TAs) around the world to take the lead in creating new, innovative partnerships which can enhance their work, and to advance the presence and effectiveness of STEAM programs.

Following the Think Tank, participants were invited to join together in a working group and consider the following:

Historically, Teaching Artists have been expected to wait for educators and administrators to initiate partnerships and residencies with their goals established. But, as professional creatives, we can "flip" this arrangement to create more powerful and innovative projects and programs—like a theater set designer designing a set before there is a script.

This working group will pilot, document, and report back the ways in which Teaching Artists can become leaders in establishing unusual or unconventional partnerships. The format of the culminating resource will depend on the group’s preference, but it will be made freely available online via the ITAC website, with an eye towards encouraging more TAs to be bold in their approach to cross-disciplinary work.

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