June 2022

Jean E. Taylor and Zoey Peacock Jones

Intergenerational Co-Mentoring - Part 1

Session Synopsis

“When something good happens, I think about us.”

What can transpire when a 60-year old and a 20-year old together investigate art making, philosophy, and teaching artistry? What is learned, unlearned, and relearned? How does each mentor serve as a conduit to generational thinking? Maybe the big issues facing us need intergenerational thinking and art making to instigate substantial change?

Intergenerational Co-Mentoring dissolves hierarchy and lifts up shared wisdom. It is a relationship built on respect, curiosity, and humility. 

During this Think Tank, the collective explored intergenerational co-mentorship and its potential for individual growth. Leads, Zoey Peacock Jones and Jean E. Taylor, heard various perspectives on mentoring, beginning co-mentoring processes, and sharing current findings and creations thus far. 

In Fall 2022, they plan to offer a second part that will encouraging participants to “bring a co-mentor” to investigate collaborative impact, multiple perspectives and innovative actions.

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