January 2019 Think Tank:

Peter Atsu-Adaletey

"The Arts: An Effective Medium To Promote Female Education in Ghana"

Session Synopsis

What can the arts do for young women and girls in Ghana? Around the world?

In January of 2019, Peter Atsu Adaletey provided a brief overview of his work in Ghana and the important role that the arts can play in not only building girls’ self-esteem and sense of self-worth but also in changing the way that society sees them by witnessing their transformation. Over the course of an hour, a community of practice begins to develop among the artists and teaching artists who were able to tune in live.

Precious Sefakor Amegbor and Sediname Delight Atsyor joined Peter to lead ITAC’s inaugural Think Tank Session.

For his work in Ghana with young women, especially through theatre, Peter was one of ITAC’s Catalysts in 2018.

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