May 2021 Think Tank:

Eric Booth

Launching The ITAC Climate Collective
Using Teaching Artistry to Incite Action and Create Change

Session Synopsis

In May of 2021 Eric Booth announced the ITAC Climate Collective, a group dedicated to advancing the contributions of artists who work in communities and schools around the world to address the climate crisis. Here the session discussed the opportunities of the working group with a call-to-action towards recruitment.

Already the collective has supported five teaching artists that were able to be commissioned around the world to undertake design and lead projects in a local community, not only to address a local climate issue but to change beliefs and behaviors through creative engagement.

Here the group collects artists, art institutions, policymakers, business leaders where focus lies on the question, How can we use the emotional sides of the art to change mentalities, shap behaviors, and find good solutions? The collective believe in the worth of science, pointing to the concerns about serious climate change. The situation is not just kinda bad, it is really bad where human activity is the main cause. So the work involves teaching artists who are poised to be powerful agents of change. The purpose of this collective is to become the powerful agents of change where hope drives motivation.

Additional Resources

Learn more about Eric Booth and ITAC Climate Collective and the ways in which arts and culture are becoming agents and tools for change in the climate crisis

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