August 2020 Think Tank:

Inés Sanguinetti & Paul Heritage

Arts and Social Transformation in Latin America:
Building Mental Health, Resilience and Recovery Through Art

Session Synopsis

In August of 2020 Inés Sanguinetti & Paul Heritage spoke, alongside five arts organizations, about their collaborative efforts to achieve an interconnectedness between arts, mental health and young people in Latin America. By tapping into several art forms, these organizations are dedicated to aiding in the creation of art that produces change, change that enables people to to invest in their own creative powers.

What links all their work is the focus upon fragility, and ways in which the arts build strengths in fragile environments. To meaningfully investigate quality of life, it means understanding the relationships between violence and mental health from a multidisciplinary approach. Ultimately, it is asking the questions: How can the arts be a community resource where creativity can build resilience? What existing resources does said community have that helps them resist and survive?

Additional Resources

Learn more about Inés, Paul, Stefan or the accompanying organizations
(People’s Palace Projects, Batuta, La Familia Ayara, La Plaza, Crear vale La Pena and Queen Mary University of London) work, and the ways in which arts and culture are becoming agents and tools for change in community and international development below:

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