May 2022

Fié Neo (Singapore)

Building Cross-Sector Partnerships for Socially Engaged Arts

Session Synopsis

“The more that we connect beyond the sectors and intersections that we conventionally work with, the stronger the change for our ecosystems becomes with the potential for innovation.”

This is one of ITAC Collaborative's monthly Think Tank sessions, which addressed the difficulties and complexities of initiating cross-sector partnerships. Though it poses challenges, it opens up opportunities, innovations and diverse arrays of funding streams. The current scale of crisis we operate within requires radical imagination and speed to transform societies where uncommon collaborations have the potential to create unexpected innovations. 

How could we as arts and cultural agents play our part in creating conducive environments for change? What are some of the challenges and where are some of the opportunities? How could we move beyond raising awareness on issues to co-creating solutions?

During the session, Fié Neo lead a presentation that incorporated two breakout sessions to providing participants an opportunity to share their experiences and perspectives with other teaching artists around the globe.

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