August 2021


Using Teaching Artistry to Explore Future Literacy, Future Fluency, Future Competency, and Future Consciousness

Session Synopsis

This session explored "WHAT IF," and engaged participants in a discussion around what skills and competencies we think we should be equipping people with now, to ensure they are ready for the future. With constantly evolving skill sets, changing contexts, and new kinds of knowledge and wisdom required, what is the role of TAs in supporting them effectively? How can we make sure we are preparing future practitioners with capabilities of the future and not those of the past? This session examined the role of TAs, and the challenges/barriers which are present, in relation to future-consciousness building in creative ways. The conversation will be supported by Sudebi's trans-disciplinary design collective D.epicentre and the work they have been doing on Futures for the last few years.

The follow-up working group will be invited to build a framework for a future literacy, fluency, competency, and consciousness curriculum that can be widely used by Teaching Artists across different contexts. The design-led process, running for at least 6-8 months, will facilitate the generation of new ideas, new theories, and new wisdom, built upon existing knowledge and newer partnerships. Sudebi hopes to capture the processes and perspectives from the working group, which will meet every 3 to 5 weeks, in a shareable guide that can act as a living document others can learn from. This resource may become a collectively-made multi-layered book, simple website, games/simulations, or a toolkit that can be utilized by arts/creative practitioners in different contexts—the form will be determined by the working group.

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