July 2022

Eric Booth & Gowri Savoor (USA)

Building a Social Impact Curriculum for Teaching Artists

Session Synopsis

This month, ITAC is launching its FIRST FREE online course: Teaching Artistry for Social Impact

As the human element has become increasingly important to protect, preserve and present in these trying times, this pioneering edge of our global field now becomes an area for professional development. This course sprang from the case studies of the ITAC IMPACT: Climate Initiative but is applicable to social impact projects in other areas like health and wellness, social justice, and democracy-building.

During this Think Tank we looked “under the hood” with its authors to find out what’s in it, how they chose to make it teaching-artist-friendly, its distinctive features, and how and why to partner with Kadenze (the world's largest arts learning platform). Eric Booth and Gowri Savoor have spent a year creating this course, and are excited to invite teaching artists to think forward.

It’s not just a presentation. 

The authors welcomed contribution from participants about how to venture through the course’s completion and/or to join as a coach, sparking dialogue on how this new opportunity will both build our field and connections with partners in social change organizations. Concluding the Think Tank, the group thought about the potentials and pitfalls of online learning to expand the field of teaching artistry.

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