July 2021


Trauma Informed Practice in Africa

Session Synopsis

In July of 2021 Bonface Beti and Dr. Angi Yoder-Maina explored ways to engage with the world’s problems through healing-centered peacebuilding.

The Green String Network (GSN), where both take employment, investigates how chronic violence has impacted communities and integrates a holistic approach to breaking cycles of violence within said communities. There is a need for mental health support not just in East Africa but the whole world. Every hour, there are individuals who cannot afford therapy, have limited access or reject the practices as a viable resource. Thus GSN has started to develop an arts and cultural piece to engage in community mental health prevention. The key to the approach is that the interventions are not just about raising awareness, but seeking to create behavioral change, so that people who are hurting stop hurting others.

So at GSN, they use storytelling art embodied practices to help people articulate their life experiences and recognize how they shape their behavior. Here, these methods help unlock new ways of thinking, behaving, and feeling, to live more full and peaceful lives as individuals and communities.

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