March 2019


Handling Therapeutic Experiences in Theatrical Settings

Session Synopsis

What are the intersections between the arts and healing? What are the intersections in these disciplines and what are the lines that separate them? How does the ability to play, create, and collaborate unlock healing?

In March of 2019, Zdenka Svitekova shared her intergenerational work with the group Ostruzina in the Czech Republic. Their work is centered around participatory experiences that bring audiences onto the stage to engage in what they call “open space” and “free play”. These experiences are liberatory and healing - unlocking surprising reactions among youth and adult participants.

Over the course of the session, a community of practice begins to develop among the artists and teaching artists who were able to tune in live.

Zdenka was joined by her colleagues Barbora and Eva to host the session.

Additional Resources

Learn more with the resources below:

Session Transcript

Developmental Transformations: Learn more about the school of thought and the artistic practices inspired by it here.

Ostruzina Website: Learn more about Zdenka’s work and program here.

Presentation Slides about Ostruzina

“Interplay” Video: See Zdenka’s program in action by watching this video and others on her Vimeo page.

Zdenka’s Teaching Artist Website: Learn more about Zdenka’s personal work and philosophy by visiting her website.

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