November 2023

Peter Atsu Adaletey (Ghana) with ITAC Ghana Collective Members

Grassroots Collective Building: 5 Years of the ITAC Ghana Collective

Session Synopsis

The conversation, led by Peter Atsu Adaletey, focuses on the development of the ITAC Ghana Collective, a voluntary group of Teaching Artists in Ghana associated with ITAC's activities. Over the past five years, the collective has evolved into a self-organized group that maintains connections with ITAC's global network while actively addressing the needs of their local communities.

Peter Atsu Adaletey, a multidisciplinary Teaching Artist with 23 years of experience, shares his background and involvement with ITAC, including his role as Country Director of the ITAC Ghana Collective. He discusses the collective's grassroots establishment and its commitment to creating, serving, and responding to local community needs.

The discussion delves into the experiences and aspirations of ITAC Ghana Collective members, featuring individuals like Johannes Laryea, Rexford Gideon Mills, John Kaledzi, Antonia Larde Issifu, and Precious Amegbor, each highlighting the positive impact of ITAC on their artistic journeys. The challenges faced, including financial constraints, internet connectivity issues, and the struggle with volunteerism, are acknowledged, yet the collective expresses resilience and commitment.

The conversation extends to the upcoming Fifth Ghana Teaching Artists and Artistes Conference in Keta, focusing on Collective Impact: Harnessing Selflessness for Community Development Through the Arts. Peter Atsu Adaletey emphasizes the collective's role in promoting arts in education, particularly through Arts Integration Workshops.

Throughout the discussion, the members express gratitude for ITAC's support and convey their dreams for the collective's future, envisioning a lasting impact on communities through the arts. Despite challenges, the ITAC Ghana Collective remains dedicated to using the arts to bring about positive change in Ghanaian communities.

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