Valentina Redondo

Valentina Redondo


Marketing Strategist

Valentina's journey is a reflection of her diverse international background, she is a Venezuelan native currently living in Argentina, shaped by her years in France where she emerged as a marketing expert in the tech sector. A trilingual communicator, she possesses a robust experience in marketing and international business development, with a distinctive specialization in edtech and immersive technologies. Her academic pursuits in European law complement her practical skills in sales, event production, and public speaking, equipping her to excel in both digital and in-person environments.

Her commitment to making a societal impact is evident through her work in promoting the French edtech sector in Latin America. This period of her career underscores her belief in the transformative power of technology to enhance human experiences and contribute positively to society.

In her current role as a Marketing Strategist at ITAC, Valentina channels her passion and expertise into developing impactful marketing strategies. She approaches her work with a holistic perspective, aiming to achieve business goals while also enriching lives and communities through thoughtful technology application. At ITAC, Valentina's dedication to blending technology with humanity ensures that each project is not only successful but also socially and ethically responsible.

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