Paloma Costa

Paloma Costa


ITAC Advocacy Innovator

Paloma Costa is a young climate-activist from Brasília, basis of Brazilian government, who is Bachelor in Law and is finishing her studies in Social Sciences, both at the University of Brasilia. She is a researcher in the Juridical Clinic of Human Rights - Juridical Office for Ethnic and Cultural Diversity (JUSDIV). She's legal advisor at Instituto Socioambiental, on social-environmental rights, including indigenous and traditional peoples, being responsible for bringing the youth perspective to the organization. From 2018-2020, she coordinated the Working Group of Climate in the youth-led organization Engajamundo and the brazilian youth delegations to COP 24, COP 25, UN LAC Climate-Week and  #AmazonCenteroftheWorld.

She co-created EduClima - a Climate Education Program for the Youth and the Youth Demands for the Low Development of Brazil.  She is a member of the Feminist Coalition for Climate Action at UN Women, member of the Advisory Committee of the UN Conscious Fashion and Lifestyle Network, Advisor in the EU-LAC International Women’s Network and a Youth Advisor to the UN Global Compact Brazil.   As a member of the Abu Dhabi Youth Voices (#Super30), alongside 30 Youth Climate Activists from different parts of the Globe, she supported the UN Youth Envoy's Officer on the delivery of the 1st UN Youth Climate Summit. On the same occasion, she participated in the opening of the Climate Action Summit, alongside the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and the activist Greta Thunberg. She also supported the Italian Government on the deliver of the #Youth4Climate.

She represented the NGO's at the 43º session of the UN Humans Rights Council and is part of several networks. She is a co-founder of the #FreeTheFuture movement and Ciclimáticos. She is a Youth Advisor to the UN Secretary-General as part of the UN SG's Youth Advisory Group on Climate Changes.

In 2019, she was appointed as one of the 20 women that make a difference in Brazil by UOL.  In 2020, she was appointed as one of the 100 most influential Latinos in the climate agenda by Sachamama.

In 2021 she was recognized as one of the Climate Influencers by Época Negócios. During the pandemic, she has been personally supporting indigenous youth initiatives, awareness and meaningful participation in decision making processes.

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