Ines Sanguinetti

Ines Sanguinetti


Fundación Crear Vale la Pena, Argentina

Inés Sanguinetti is a dancer and choreographer deeply committed to working for social equity through art. She completed a sociology degree at Universidad del Salvador and is coordinator of the Latin American Art Network for Social Transformation.

Since 1997 she is Co-Founder and President of Crear Vale la pena, NGO that develops a social integration program for young people combining education in arts, artistic production and social organization as means for social and individual promotion and development. This program was declared of municipal and national interest and selected as a case study by several study centers and organizations. She has also been awarded several times in Argentina and abroad.

From 1978 to the present she made national and international tours in Europe, the United States, Latin America and Asia presenting dance-theater shows and didactic programs of contemporary dance technique, composition in contemporary dance and art for social transformation towards equity. She has curated the International Festival of Buenos Aires and a member of the artistic department of the Cultural Center of Cooperation. In both Argentina and Europe, it develops arts and education programs for equitable intercultural dialogue.

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