Khairina Khalid

Khairina Khalid



Khairina Khalid enjoys being part of productions that touch on socio-political issues, as well as projects that give a voice for the minority community. She is currently centering her work around youths and young audiences, mainly within the ethnic minority community, after having the best time producing Call To Action with Clara Bloomfield. She is also currently the Company Manager of Teater Ekamatra.

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Raising the Visibility of Teaching Artistry: Communicating Our Sector and Its Value to Non-Artist Audiences

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Clara Bloomfield (FRSA) is an award-winning Theatre Maker, Lecturer and Socially Engaged Artist from Scotland. Through her work, she creates socio politically engaged performance and participation experiences across a range of contexts and settings. Her work is situated at the intersection of theatre, society and health encouraging social change by exploring the every day in a creative and immediate way in both traditional and nontraditional spaces. As a Theatre Maker, she has a particular interest in verbatim theatre, theatre in health, and the creation of work, based on the experiences and perspectives of young people. In recognition of her commitment to creating work for social change and creative approaches to health and well-being, she is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and Arts for Good Fellow for the Singapore International Foundation. Clara is also the Creative Director of Collision Theatre. For further information, visit and

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