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The first world wide network of artists who work in community and educational settings.

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ITAC Launches New Online Course

This course is a pioneering new resource for teaching artists/participatory artists/community artists everywhere who have an interest in social impact and are looking to enhance their approach to project design and delivery.

Explore ITAC Case Studies

A new supplementary set of Teaching Artist resources, designed to support ITAC's new online course and document the processes through which Teaching Artistry can create change.

ITAC Innovators

Each year the ITAC Collaborative invites proposals for field building projects from within our international community.
Taking 2023 Applications Now!

EDEN Engagement

A partnership between ITAC and Joyce Di Donato’s EDEN, activating Teaching Artistry in all EDEN ‘22-’23 tour cities around the world.

2022 YELF Cohort

This 9-month program builds a peer-to-peer network of young and emerging professionals within the fields of culture, education, and social change.

About ITAC

The International Teaching Artist Collaborative brings together artists, organizations, funders, and researchers from all over the world to explore key issues relating to participatory arts practices.

Global History Timeline Project

ITAC is excited to launch The Global History Timeline Project, which will begin to write the history of our international field by creating a timeline of significant events from around the world.  Our field is known by many names – “teaching artist,” “community artist,” “social practice artist,” “artist in residence,” “citizen artist,” and more – but together we have one history.

View The Timeline

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