Oaknote – Scotland

Art Forms: Dance, Music, Visual Arts & Storytelling .

Participants: 10 & 65+ year olds

Country: Scotland

Description of the work

“Are Ye Dancing’?” was an intergenerational project that introduced primary school pupils to local senior citizens and encouraged them to bond via the sharing of memories and participating in multi-artform workshops. Part oral history endeavour and part community partnership initiative – we aimed to empower both generations and facilitate a real relationship between these two communities. This fundamental experience built confidence and curiosity in our young people, and combated the lonliness and isolation felt by many of our senior partners.

As part of our project, we were interested to hear first hand stories and recollections about 1940’s/50’s Scotland and in particular, dance hall culture of that era. Below are some excerpts from recordings we made with our senior partners on the project: Listen here

The responses from participants, both old and young, can be found at: https://www.oaknote.co.uk/responses