Corey DePina- USA/Cabo Verde

Art Forms: Music & Composition.

Participants: All ages

Country: USA/Cabo Verde

Description of the work

I grew in Roxbury Massachusetts, my parents immigrated to the US in the 60s from Cabo Verde. the For 25 years, I’ve been an artist, emcee, teaching artists, and youth worker. I’ve dedicated my life to using Hip Hop as a tool for positive youth development. Hip Hop is rooted in the idea of creating something from everything you have and that’s what I find myself doing today. As a person who believes in the impact that music can have in the life of an individual I have found the inspiration to mobilize my community and beyond to support a dream. In 2017, I was granted the opportunity to travel to Cabo Verde for the 1st time in partnership with the Massachusetts Cultural Council. I witnessed first-hand the poverty that most people in Fogo live in where my parents lived. As I returned to Boston after my three-week visit, I knew there was something I could do to help. Through collecting stories, donated instruments, equipment, and money I found myself in the process of building a music education center and recording studio on Fogo island in Cabo Verde. It will be filled with instruments and equipment so that young people can create, record, and share their art with each other and the greater community. My dream is to give young people in Fogo access to tools that will allow them to create and nurture their artistry as I’ve been able to do. It’s about Opportunity, Access and Support.