Dancing Trees

Dancing Trees’ was devised by Dijana Milošević and Jadranka Andelic, founders of DAH Theater in Belgrade, Serbia. The project combines creative techniques and activism to identify the most effective means of launching civic initiatives and inspiring citizens to mobilize in defence against deforestation.
At the heart of the project was a site-specific outdoor dance-theatre performance, which premiered on 31 October 2021 in Students’ Park in Belgrade. The free performances engaged the public in post-show discussions, and the sharing of seeds to encourage tree planting. Additionally, DAH Theater hosted roundtable discussions with experts, activists and artists about climate change and tree protection, as well as a webinar series ‘Create Your Own Action’ aimed at providing support, instruments, and guidance in the articulation of civic initiatives. A documentary detailing the research behind ‘Dancing Trees’ and the delivery of each element of the project will premiere at the Arts and Human Rights Festival in Belgrade in February 2022.

The legacy of this project lives on through the Green Bridge, a digital platform to connect artists, activists, organisations from different sectors to exchange ideas and inspire new initiatives in search for effective strategies in combatting climate change. 

Dijana Milošević

Dijana Milošević is an award-winning theatre director ,activist, writer and lecturer. She co-founded DAH Theatre Research Center in Belgrade, Serbia and has been its leading director for thirty years.
She was the Artistic Director for theatre festivals, was the president of the Association of the Independent Theatres and president of the board of BITEF Theatre, and a board member of national ITI. Being involved with several peace building initiatives and collaborating with feminists -activists groups she also serves as a member of the Leadership Circle at IMPACT. She serves as co-Artistic Director for the Festival Arts& Human Rights, produced by DAH Theater.She has directed theatre shows with her company and toured them nationally and internationally as well as directed the work with other companies all over the world.She is a well-known lecturer and has taught at prestigious Universities, writes about theatre amd culture. She is recipient of prestigious fellowships (Fulbright, Arts Link) and is the Professor at Institute for Modern Dance in Belgrade.

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