itac6: where to stay & conference venue

In-person Conference Venue

ITAC6’s in-person conference will be taking place at SENTRALEN in Oslo City Center, which will accommodate our gathering of 300+ Teaching Artists and colleagues from around the world. All in-person workshops will take place within this building

Sentralen’s address is:
Sentralen, Øvre Slottsgate 3, 0157 Oslo
Location on Google Maps

Lunch will be provided for delegates each day, and there are great coffee shops and restaurants nearby if you would like anything extra.

Our in-person programme will include the option to sign up for some day trips to local arts venues and institutions, to showcase the vibrant participatory arts practice which is happening in Norway. These events will take place outside of our main conference venue, but guidance and support about how to attend your chosen venue will be provided when you sign up. This includes any additional support which may be needed.

Sentralen's address is: Sentralen, Øvre Slottsgate 3, 0157 Oslo
Location on Google Maps

Accommodation in Oslo

September is unfortunately a busy month for Oslo with Covid-19 at its end and the world opening up for social gatherings, making prices and the pressure higher than normal. Presenters granted funded accommodation by ITAC6 will be staying at Scandic Victoria, close to Sentralen.

The ITAC6 planning committee have made some arrangements for those paying their own way with some options.

For anyone who is receiving financial support, you should have received an email containing links to book accommodation via ITACs own channels. Please ensure you complete all bookings via the process advised in those communications.

For anyone attending as a delegate, who is not receiving a scholarship, we have suggested the following hotels:

All hotels are close to ITAC6 and general facilities in Oslo. We recommend arriving on the 31th of August and departing the 4th of September. Be sure to book accommodation as soon as possible.

Other budget hotels in the area include:

You are of course welcome to find other accommodation options, but hopefully these are a helpful starting point.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Oslo sharing our thoughts, reflections and smile!

Digital Conference Venue

Our digital conference will take place online in the days leading up to the Oslo event, and portions of our in-person gathering will be live streamed online too, with dedicated digital spaces opening up via zoom afterwards for collective reflection and discussion. For information about where and how to participate digitally, please stay tuned for our digital registration and programme information.

For more information about our keynotes and conference program, make sure you’re following Seanse Art Center and ITAC on social media at @seanseartcenter and @ITAC_Collab

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