Namibia Project

This project is part funded by, and was developed in response to, the ITAC Partnership Project funding strand 2018 - 2020.

The Coordinating Teaching Artists:
Alexandra Turner (USA), Dr. Christiana Afrikaaner (Namibia), Jenae Gayle (USA), Chitra Chandrashekhar (India) and Dana Squires (USA).

The project is an international effort to bring a training program to community artists in Namibia in order to build the field of teaching artistry throughout the country. The project will connect Teaching Artists from several countries with professional artists and educators/ school teachers, in Namibia, to exchange ideas, perspectives and skills. It will also offer training in educational theory and pedagogical tools, through discussion practice and mentoring, to help community artists bring their artistic skills into school and community settings. A portion of this training will focus on connecting and relationship building between classroom teachers, administrators and teaching artists by bringing school officials together for shared conversation, arts experiences and practice.

Training curriculum will be developed at a distance, before teams of international teaching artist trainers will converge in Walvis Bay, Namibia with the country’s first cohort of teaching artists-to-be. Over the ensuing year, Teaching Artists will be paired with International Mentors who will provide ideas, reflective support, and suggestions as Teaching Artists move through their first year of working. In addition, networks for peer-peer support will be established within Namibia.

The partners in this project met at and were inspired by the ITAC4 conference in New York City. Dr. Afrikaaner, having come to the conference unfamiliar with the term “Teaching Artist,” soon realized that teaching artists could help her in her quest to raise the level of arts education in Namibia by sharing their skill and knowledge with students and teachers in schools. Energized by the calls to courageousness, the wonder at the diversity and beauty of the work being done worldwide, and nourished by the feeling of connection, this partnership was formed and the project conceptualised.

We are delighted to be supporting this work and look forward to sharing more details with you soon.

Once the project begins, you can follow along on our social media channels for updates.

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