We are a group of teaching artists of various art forms from the African continent and the US who believe in the power of the arts to improve people’s lives and make social change. We met virtually at ITAC5/Seoul in 2020 where Beata Moon led a collaborative TA group entitled, “Teaching Artists as Essential Workers,” inspired by an article by Dr. Dennie Palmer Wolf. Christiana Deliewen Afrikaner (Namibia), Milbre Burch (NC), Laura Epperson (VA), Jeff Mather (GA), Staci Spring (TN) and Beata (NY) continued to meet and formed the Africa/US Teaching Artist Exchange with the intent of creating a non-hierarchical digital learning exchange for both cultural awareness and professional development between the teaching artists. Alison Green (South Africa) of ITAC5 and another ITAC5 collaborative TA leader, Peter Atsu Adaletey (Ghana) joined the group along with Haggai Samuel Wasswa (Uganda), Engelhardt Unaeb (Namibia), Mclaudy Munanzwa (Zambia), Mphatso Mbang’ombe (Malawi), Modisana Mabale (South Africa), Erica Lüttich (South Africa), Heather Forest (NY) and Samia Elshaikh (Egypt).

With this ITAC Climate Impact grant, we will work on addressing the climate crisis with art-making and spreading awareness through our teaching artist work in each of our communities through our various projects that address specific climate impacts.

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