María Claudia Parias

María Claudia Parias


Executive President of Fundación Nacional Batuta, Colombia

María Claudia Parias is  Executive President of Fundación Nacional Batuta. She is a social communicator and journalist, specialist in Cultural Management and a Master's Degree graduate in Cultural Administration from the University of Barcelona.

María Claudia has extensive experience in the cultural field and in the design and implementation of social projects at local, national, and international levels.      She has worked as Director of Regional Promotion at the Ministry of Culture, General Director of the Philharmonic Orchestra of Bogota, Director of Cultural Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Technical Assistant at the Department of Arts of the Andres Bello Covenant, Director of the International Arts Journal (Revista Arte Internacional) of the Bogotá Museum of Modern Art, Communications Advisor of the Department of Arts at the Ministry of Culture, and advisor to various cultural projects in Colombia.        Currently, she is a member of the Executive Board of the International Music Council (IMC) and member of the International Society for the Performing Arts (ISPA) in New York.

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