Serin Kim Hong

Korea Arts & Culture Education Service (KACES)

Serin is an experienced arts administrator with a background in musicology. She coordinated the educational programs at the Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts in Phildelphia, PA, USA, and worked with the resident companies and the school groups in the region. After moving to Rochester, NY, she managed and supported the concert activities and educational programs at the Eastman School of Music for local institutions and touring groups. Since 2015, she joined Korea Arts & Culture Education Service, Seoul, South Korea, and oversaw international relations, media relations, professional development for teaching artists, and educational programs for youth, including El Sistema Korea. Most recently she was in charge of leading the Office of Planning and Cooperation of KACES, and now returned to focus on the international relations to strengthen the networks with the arts and cultural organizations around the world.

Leadership Committee

Joan Parr

Scotland, Creative Scotland & ITAC Chair

Mpho Mabule

South Africa, Manager at Department of Arts and Culture Johannesburg

Chrissie Ruckley

Scotland, Creative Learning Officer for Creative Scotland

James Miles

USA, Executive Director of Arts Corps

Yonglun Liu

Singapore, Senior Manager at National Arts Council

Ines Sanguinetti

Argentina, Fundación Crear Vela La Pena

Jean E. Taylor

USA, Teaching Artist for Lincoln Center Education

Marit Ulvund

Norway, Director of Seanse ArtCenter

Eric Booth

USA, Teaching Artist Advocate and Author

Judith McLean

Australia, Queensland Performing Arts Centre

Brad Haseman


Jahyun Kim

Korea, KACES

Serin Kim Hong

Korea, KACES


Madeleine McGirk

UK, ITAC Managing Director


Jessica Howarth

Art Jewelry/Crafting, UK (Scotland)

Clara Bloomfield

Theatre, UK (Scotland)

Mary Schwarz

Artworks Alliance, UK

Jeannette Brossart

Mosaic Artist, USA

Peter Atsu Adaletey

Theatre/Dance/Poetry, Ghana

Lynne Pace Green

Theatre, USA

Amanda Acevedo

Theatre, USA

Carol Ponder

Art for Healing, USA

Sangeeta Isvaran

Dance/Storytelling, India (Chennai)

Victoria Ryle

Creative Learning, Australia (Tasmania)

Zdenka Brungot Svitekova

Dance/Theatre, Slovakia/Czech Republic

Jill Massie

Dialect/Theatre, USA

Christiana Afrikaner

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